1. News – Scotland – Children ‘need more speech help’ . Last updated: 1 May 2003 I CAN works to help children with speech and language difficulties learn to communicate. About 10% of children in the UK have problems learning to
  2. News – Scotland – Action call on children‘s rights . Last updated: 20 Nov 1999 It has been ratified by all but two countries throughout the world and sets out the rights that children are born with – including education, good health and freedom of speech.
  3. More results from “News – Scotland”
  4. News – UK – Red tape fears for child services . Last updated: 11 Mar 2009  He is also expected to say what more can be done to protect England’s vulnerable children. That is not going to help with protecting children.”
  5. News – Politics – Create children‘s champion, MPs say . Last updated: 14 May 2003  But most important of all, children and young people want someone to turn to. We will publish our conclusions in the forthcoming Green Paper on Children at Risk.”
  6. South East Wales Cardiff Postcards – Refugee Week 2005  I don’t even recognise my own children any more. You are wrong to blame freedom of speech for your children‘s obvious lack of discipline.…/linda.shtml
  7. Radio 4 Word 4 Word – You Don’t Want to Speak Like That!  Use the example of Welsh to show what can be done to encourage and foster a different, regional speech style from the youngest up.
  8. News – Entertainment – Oxford set for Jackson thriller . Last updated: 6 Mar 2001  Jackson has promised that his speech, which will begin at 2000 GMT, will “surprise the world”. But at Jackson’s Neverland ranch in California a nanny brings up his own two young children.
  9. News – Features – How baby signing aids communication . Last updated: 6 Oct 2002  But Rio was very forward with her speech. Children are like sponges, they just pick up things.

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