Posted by: Indonesian Children | April 24, 2010

Link Between Food Allergy and Stuttering

Link Between Food Allergy and Stuttering

Cause of Stuttering is generally unknown. But few researchers have claimed about the connection between food allergies and stuttering. A particular food allergy can activate our Sympathetic Nervous System instead of the Para-sympathetic Nervous System. Thus, our levels of anxiousness increases. This condition stimulates stuttering.

Sympathetic Nervous System is a type of nervous system present in our body, which operates on its own. It becomes more active when our body is under stress. It follows the mechanism of ‘Fight-or-Flight’. Para-sympathetic Nervous System also performs on it own. It follows the mechanism of ‘Rest and Digest’ and hence opposite in action to Sympathetic Nervous System.

Till now no scientific evidence is available. So most stutterers are unaware of this. But certain instances are convincing where stutterers have felt improvement by avoiding certain food items. These instances increase our intesrest in finding details on how certain food can worsen the stuttering conditions in a stutterer. So we advise all stutterers to consult a gastroenterologist to ensure if any food allergic reaction is making you stutter more. All stutterers may not be suffering from food allergic-stuttering but few may experience.

Most common food allergen which can cause stuttering is found to be ‘Gluten’. Gluten is found in wheat, so present in most bakery items like – bread. When a stutterer is allergic to gluten, can experience high level of stuttering. The stutterer may not be able to complete even a sentence. His stuttering condition can get normal once he stops consuming products having gluten.

Sometimes, foods rich in Dopamine can also cause extreme stuttering in stutterers. Dopamine is present in caffeine. Some may also be allergic to peanut butter or sugar. The allergic products are needed to be identified properly and should not be included in the diet. Extreme stuttering caused due to food allergy can be checked only by avoiding the foods in your diet that cause allergy. Cautious Living can make your life better.


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