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Food allergies and speech

Food allergies and speech

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Hi everyone
My family just got over the hectic flu.  Both of my sons were very sick, not eating and barely drinking.  Boy!  My older boy is 4 years old and non verbal (few pop out words here and there).  He’s got some major sensory issues going on.  Anyway, he hadn’t eaten for about 3-4 days, just liquids, and finally started feeling better.  His first day of recover he started saying 3 word sentences.  Things a 4 year old would say and pretty clearly.  As days past and he started eating again and his words diminished.  Could this possible be related to a food allergy?  It was the strangest thing.  We had never heard him talk to much!!


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You might want to investigate Bauman Graduate, Julie Matthews, NC website and book.  She is fast becoming an expert on dietary approaches for treating children on the autistic spectrum.  While this may not be your son’s diagnosis, her data on the neurological impact of various food triggers may be helpful to you.

Keep us posted.



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