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Speech-Language Pathologists as Primary Contributors to Response to Intervention at the Secondary Level.

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Speech-Language Pathologists as Primary Contributors to Response to Intervention at the Secondary Level.


Seminars in Speech & Language. Responsiveness to Intervention: New Opportunities and Challenges for the Speech-Language Pathologist. 30(2):90-104, May 2009.
Ehren, Barbara J. Ed.D., CCC-SLP 1; Whitmire, Kathleen Ph.D., CCC-SLP 2

Response to intervention (RTI) is currently receiving attention at the middle and high school levels. Although many academic and behavioral needs in secondary schools may warrant an RTI initiative, lack of literacy skills in adolescents is among the most important because language and literacy are foundational to curriculum learning. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have much to offer secondary RTI initiatives, given their expertise in language and literacy. Therefore, they need to become primary contributors. This article addresses several important conditions necessary to bring SLPs into the forefront with RTI at the secondary level by discussing (1) having a common understanding of RTI that is being implemented differently across the country; (2) understanding the rationale for adopting RTI at the secondary level; (3) defining unique contributions of SLPs that add value to RTI initiatives in middle and high schools; (4) exploring what it takes for SLPs to become involved, including attention to curriculum and literacy, changing the perceptions of others regarding the roles of SLPs, restructuring of delivery models, and replacing a caseload approach to service delivery with a workload approach; (5) establishing productive working relationships among professionals in secondary schools; and (6) exerting leadership to move forward in RTI involvement.


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