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  1. Babbling key to evaluating speech development in babies with

    19 Aug 2003 David Ertmer, who specializes in early speech and language development in children with hearing losses, created www.
  2. Parents Advised On How To Detect Communications Disorders In Their

    27 May 2008 “Fortunately, most children with speech, language, and hearing problems can be helped,” according to Catherine Gottfred, PhD,
  3. National Autistic Society Response To The Bercow Review On

    10 Jul 2008 The Bercow review has confirmed what many parents of children with autism have been telling us: provision for children with speech,
  4. Encouraging Preschool Kids To Talk To Themselves

    Winsler also conducted the first-ever study looking at private speech in children with autism. He found that high-functioning autistic children talk to
  5. Variety Of Approaches Help Children Overcome Auditory Processing

    31 Jan 2008 The program uses slow and exaggerated speech to improve a child’s ability to process spoken language. As children advance through the
  6. SPEEDY Babies A New Behavioural Syndrome

    25 Apr 2009 Children’s speech and language disorders caused by unknown factors are common. The disorders vary in type and manifest themselves
  7. Audiologists And Speech-Language Pathologists Warn Of Learning

    3 Oct 2007 With children back in school for a new year, audiologists and speech-language pathologists advise parents to be aware of the noise
  8. Oregon Governor In State Of State Speech Proposes Covering All

    24 speech, Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) announced the Healthy Kids Plan, which aims to insure all children in Oregon. He noted that all Oregon children
  9. Children With Autism Have Difficulty Recognizing Ordinary Words

    6 May 2007 “To crack the speech code children must be able to distinguish phonemes, understand known words and be able to decode the word order of a
  10. Autism – Early failure to pay attention to faces, speech may

6 May 2005 Similarly, children with autism are not able to distinguish English sounds, according to Dawson. “For speech perception to develop normally,


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