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  1. Brain activity abnormal in children with delayed speech

    25 Nov 2003 Contact: Maureen MorleyRadiological Society of North AmericaChildren with unusually delayed speech tend to listen with the right side of the
  2. Speech Perception Test To Benefit Chinese Children With Cochlear

    More than 4000 children in China who have received cochlear implants and other devices will soon benefit from a speech perception test offered in Mandarin.
  3. Bercow Review: Speech, Language & Communication Services For

    21 Mar 2008 Government has invested in measures to address children’s speech, language and communication needs, for example through the Children’s
  4. Sleep Restriction Affects Children’s Speech

    15 Jun 2007 Research examining the impact of sleep in school-age children suggests that even mild sleep loss produces marked deficits in their cognitive
  5. Delay In Cochlear Implantation Could Have Significant Impact On

    19 Sep 2007 Only six patients undergoing the trial were able to hear conversational speech sounds with the hearing aids and none of the children
  6. New insight into brain and speech promises help for learning

    5 Apr 2005 Children’s speech and language disorders caused by unknown factors are common. The disorders vary in type and manifest themselves
  7. Cochlear Implants And Speech Skills Following Meningitis

    15 Oct 2006 Whilst the children’s speech was certainly improved following cochlear implantation, only 39% of the children developed very good speech
  8. Queen’s Speech Response: Clarity Still Needed On Legislative

    4 Dec 2008 Responding to the Queen’s speech today, ASH welcomed the promise of that the detail of the measures to protect children by tacklin.
  9. Software Shows Promise For Speech Disorders

    Children with speech, language and reading disorders may soon be able to be treated remotely by using a UQ-designed telerehabilitation system.
  10. New Tool To Assess Speech Development In Infants, Toddlers With
24 Sep 2008 Some children receive hearing assistance when they turn 1,” said Ertmer, who specializes in early speech and language development in


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