Posted by: Indonesian Children | April 25, 2009


  • The Stutterer in the Classroom by Ellin and Patricia Rind
  • To the Teacher of the Nonfluent Child by Peter Ramig
  • The Teacher’s Index from the British Stammering Association contains several helpful articles.
  • Some Suggestions for Teachers for Managing Students Who Stutter compiled by Marie Poulos
  • The Student Who Stutters: Teachers’ Guide by Julie Mazzuca-Peter.
  • What’s a Teacher to Do – by Louise Heite, Iceland, a paper presented at the ELSA Conference in Dublin, Feb.-Mar.1998.
  • Brenda Zenorini has developed a lesson plan to explain stuttering disorders with suggestions for teachers and parents
  • STUTTERING: The Role of the Classroom Teacher by Gary R. LaBlance, Karen F. Steckol, and Vicki L. Smith.
  • Some suggestions for teachers of children who stammer by Cherry Hughes, United Kingdom. A paper presented for the International Stuttering Awareness Day conference, October 1998.
  • Victoria Williams’ ASHA convention workshop, Educating The Educators About Stuttering
  • College students who stutter and public speaking assignments
  • STUTTERING AT A GLANCE: Information for Teachers PDF format from The Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania
  • Fluency Information For The Teacher PDF format from Judith Eckhardt
  • Some Suggestions For Teachers For Managing Students Who Stutter PDF format from Judith Eckhardt
  • How the Teacher Can Help the Stuttering Child from SPEAK EASY inc. – Canada’s Organization for People Who Stutter
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