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  • Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES), overseen by Brian MacWhinney, includes transcripts collected from around the world, of children and adults who are learning languages. Researchers studying conversational interactions have “a vast database of transcripts, programs for computer analysis of transcripts, methods for linguistic coding, and systems for linking transcripts to digitized audio and video.”
  • Steve Long’s computerized profiling is a set of programs for language analysis. It “can be used to analyze both language samples transcribed orthographically and phonological samples transcribed phonetically.” All downloads are freeware and can be used and distributed without restriction. Long states that Version 9.2 has “better help features as well as improvements to the CORPUS, LARSP, IPSyn, DSS, and PROPH analysis modules, and the addition of the Narrative Analysis Procedure (NAP) module.”
  • Selected chapters from Communication Analyzer User’s Guide, by Jim Finnerty provides extensive information for Analyzing the Development of Early Childhood Language
  • Information about SALTJon F. Miller & Robin S. Chapman’s computer programs for analyzing language samples.
  • LSA/CAI Language Analysis Program adapted by Barbara B. Fazio from language analysis CAI program developed by Judith J. Johnson (1985) Indiana University Instructional Development Services, provides detailed information and practice for calculating mean length of utterance and for describing surface syntax.
  • Included on the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation site is a test collection database which contains description and availability information on over 10,000 tests and research instruments, information on fair testing practices, test reviews, and a full-text library of “some of the best full-text books, reports, journal articles, newsletter articles and papers on the Internet that address educational measurement, evaluation and learning theory.”
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